Ongoing project development we provide integrated solutions across the residential and commercial industrial.


Bridge Energy Solution is a project development and installation group across the residential and commercial industrial sectors.

We process all application forms for all customers for the solar home rebate and its related documents.

We deliver long-term energy solutions to customers cheaper and more reliable than traditional energy sources.

Being a reliable provider for residential solar with CEC Accredited Installers, we are highly confident of finding the right solution for your solar energy needs and within your budget.


Our team specializes in the engineering of small-scale utility projects. On-balance sheet or financed under corporate power purchase agreements, we optimize your solar investment.

Our team can help you with a turnkey solution across:

  • Site Identification
  • Project Design and Installation
  • Engineering and utility connection
  • Project Financing
  • Operations and Maintenance


Bridge Energy Solution has delivered more than 20,000 projects to the families. We have provided residential solar solutions to hundreds of families to bring them green energy and that is not only a good budget for our client in energy yearly expenses but also a contribution for our environment.

We create enduring partnerships with our customers. We often provide embedded relationships where we seamlessly within our customers’ workplace to drive opportunities to unlock value across their energy. 

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